Russian Rock Crystal Chandelier Mid 19th Century


Russian Beautiful sapphire blue crystal and rock crystal chandelier dating from circa 1850. Commencing with an elegant top crown of plumes suspending rock crystal drops supported by a sapphire blue crystal central baluster vase. Outswept and curl arms radiate out from the central baluster which in turn is surrounded by five spectacular finely cut large obelisks topped with rock crystal drops. These rise above the main 15 gold lighting arms through which the blue central stem can be seen. A gilded bronze frame with 20 lights (15 full and five pygmy bulbs). The chandelier terminates with a rock crystal ball hung beneath. This is a superb example of its genre.

CONDITION: Excellent
WEIGHT: 30 kg
HEIGHT: 51.18 in. (130 cm)
DIAMETER: 39.37 in. (100 cm)
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