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A fine Edwardian lacquered hanging dish ceiling light. Circa 1900 – 1910


A fine Edwardian dish ceiling light having one central light. All the glass and metalwork are original.

The metalwork has been cleaned and re-lacquered. 2 lights shown but only one is remaining

PERIOD: 1900-1910
CONDITION: Excellent
HEIGHT: 23.62 in. (60 cm)
DIAMETER: 15.74 in. (40 cm)

A pair of superb 18th c style chandeliers


A pair of superb 19th century French, 18th century style, cage chandeliers, of a good scale with beautifully hand cut facetted plaques suspended with small glass rosettes in the form of daisies, of varying shapes and sizes, all original. Comprised of eight candle arms, four hollow finials designed for lighting within and four top finials. Chandelier with a central shaft with original hand blown and cut segments, the bottom hung with a large hollow blown, honeycomb pattern ball of superb quality. The top with an outward corona of plaques. Circa 1850

Diameter 65cm
Height 120cm.

An English style 12 arm crystal chandelier c1950


A beautiful example of an English style crystal chandelier. Features 12 outswept arms on an upper and lower level with octagonal swags of crystal buttons linking each arm. A central baluster rising to a crystal canopy from which are suspended buttons and crystal bells.
Festooned with many crystals and bells and all terminating beneath with a final crystal bell.
A beautiful addition to any house.

Diameter 91cm
Height 105cm.

Beautiful Baccarat crystal and bronze Chandelier (circa 1850)


A spectacular and large antique French gilded bronze and cut crystal triple tiers 25 lights chandelier embellished with glass cut crystal chains and further adorned with cut crystal prisms by Baccarat. It comes from a famous castle in Burgundy. (circa 1850)

PERIOD: 19th Century
CONDITION: Excellent
HEIGHT: 55 in (140 cm)
DIAMETER: 35 1/2 in (90 cm)

Beautiful Baccarat Crystal and Oval Bronze Chandelier


A lovely and unusual Baccarat oval crystal chandeliers featuring hexagonal prisms with buttons above all suspended from an elegant gilded bronze decorative ring.  An upper decorative ring has bead, button and baguette crystals sweeping down to the lower ring.  All gathered underneath in a bag to a central inner ring from which further hexagonal crystals hang.  23 lights. (circa 1915)

PERIOD: Early 20th Century c1910 – 1920
CONDITION: Excellent
HEIGHT: 51 1/4 in (130 cm)
LENGTH: 41 3/4 in (106 cm)
WIDTH: 25 1/2 in (65 cm)

Beautiful French Basket Crystal Chandelier, circa 1920 33-Light


Beautiful French basket chandelier featuring brass decorative swans from which hang crystal buttons below which hang 20cm hexagonal crystals. Button crystals are gathered underneath to a central ring from which further hexagonal crystal hang. The upper ring of additional decorative swans is surrounded by more buttons and hexagonal crystals with a central stream of buttons falling to the lower larger ring. 27-light in lower ring, 6 in upper ring. Acquired from quality hotel. Total 33-light, circa 1920

Diameter 93cm
Height 100cm.

Large Important George Hoentschel Rock Crystal Chandelier


Of cartouche outline, with rock crystal baluster shaft with acanthus scroll branches of light and spires, hung with large rock crystal plaques, facetted drops and rosettes, terminated with a rock crystal  ball. Professionally rewired for electricity.

Designed by George Hoentschel in partnership with Mewes and Davis. Diamond magnate Sir Julius Wernher, who bought Luton Hoo as his country residence in 1902, commissioned the Parisian decorator George Hoentschel to redesign the Robert Adam interiors in the Edwardian Belle Epoque style.

This impressive chandelier epitomises the so-called ‘French Touch’ the Wernher’s wished to create for their estate at Luton Hoo. Hoentschel’s acclaimed luxurious style in partnership with the architects Mewès and Davis is embodied in the opulent scale and quality of the chandelier. A drawing from the Luton Hoo archive of the chandeliers that formerly hung in the Dining Room at Luton Hoo designed by Charles Mewès in 1906 in the French 18th century style display similarities in both the design and the fine quality bronze casting hung with crystal drops.

The chandelier in both design and manufacture reflects the design capabilities of Mewès and Davis whose grand design project at Luton Hoo recreated the decoration of the Ancient Régime and the superior craftsmanship of the firm of Maison Leys under the direction of George Hoentschel.

CONDITION: Excellent
WEIGHT: 200 kg
HEIGHT: 98.42 in. (250 cm)
DIAMETER: 46 in. (117 cm)

Magnificent Perry & Co 2m green & clear crystal chandelier


A magnificent green & clear crystal glass English chandelier attributed to Perry & Co, comprising of 16 arms hung with swags and chains of button drops, supported with rope twist clear glass arms emanating from a magnificent ormolu centre, comprised of green crystal vases and finally worked ormolu sections, terminating at the top with a feather spray gilt plume decorated with buttons and pear drops finely faceted.

CONDITION: Excellent
HEIGHT: 78 3/4 in. (200 cm)
DIAMETER: 46 in. (117 cm)

Monumental Pair of Hand-Carved Rock Crystal, Bronze and Ormolu Chandeliers


A monumental pair of hand carved rock crystal bronze and ormolu chandeliers featuring 80 lights in each chandelier.

Supported on out swept arms from a central fretted frame, the arms mounted with rock crystal drip pans and candleholders and interspersed with a further inner ring of rock crystal obelisks and electrified candleholders. (These obelisks could be replaced with an additional 9 lights if required).
The fluted cut arms support large rock crystal plaques mounted with rock crystal star daisies and garlands of crystal beads festooned in between further layers of rock crystal diminishing towards the central hexagonal ball.

The central stem of the chandelier features various forms of rock crystal baluster and flutes towering up to a central leaf coronet with 8 lights and further rock crystal pendants and stars supporting alternate downward chains of bronze and ormolu and rock crystal faceted beads sweeping out to the main circular frame below.

All of superb quality suitable for any palace or grand residence.

CONDITION: Excellent
WEIGHT: 250 kg
HEIGHT: 102.36 in. (260 cm)
DIAMETER: 63 in. (160 cm)

Pair of Exquisite French Rock Crystal Cherub Chandeliers


A magnificent pair of French gilt bronze cherub chandeliers. A birdcage design with upper crown and profusely hung with rock crystal large pendants and smaller drops. 6 cherubs each holding a rock crystal torch. Terminating below with a carved rock crystal ball. 24 lights.

CONDITION: Excellent
WEIGHT: 90kg
HEIGHT: 45.27 in. (115 cm)
DIAMETER: 35.43 in. (90 cm)

Pair of rock crystal myrzah chandeliers


A unique and spectacular pair of rock crystal chandeliers profusely hung with almost 700 individually hand carved myrzah drops, all mounted on an 11 tiered brass frame. Internally lit by 10 bulbs. c1920

CONDITION: Excellent
WEIGHT: 30 kg
HEIGHT: 31.49 in. (80 cm)
DIAMETER: 21.65 in. (55 cm)

Pair of Rose Quartz chandeliers


A pair of beautiful rose quartz chandeliers comprising 4 cascading bronze circular tiers each profusely hung with 175 individually hand carved rose quartz crystal drops. A spectacular solid rose quartz saucer is inset in the lower bronze ring with a large rose quartz hand carved pear beneath to add a finishing flourish to terminate this elegant piece. The 28 lights allow the beauty of the rose color to radiate out of this unusual and unique creation. Measures: 100cm wide and 90cm high. Terminal pear can be removed to make it 80 cm if required.

CONDITION: Excellent
WEIGHT: 110 kg
HEIGHT: 39.37 in. (100 cm)
DIAMETER: 35.43 in. (90 cm)

Russian Rock Crystal Chandelier Mid 19th Century


Russian Beautiful sapphire blue crystal and rock crystal chandelier dating from circa 1850. Commencing with an elegant top crown of plumes suspending rock crystal drops supported by a sapphire blue crystal central baluster vase. Outswept and curl arms radiate out from the central baluster which in turn is surrounded by five spectacular finely cut large obelisks topped with rock crystal drops. These rise above the main 15 gold lighting arms through which the blue central stem can be seen. A gilded bronze frame with 20 lights (15 full and five pygmy bulbs). The chandelier terminates with a rock crystal ball hung beneath. This is a superb example of its genre.

CONDITION: Excellent
WEIGHT: 30 kg
HEIGHT: 51.18 in. (130 cm)
DIAMETER: 39.37 in. (100 cm)

Silvered 3-Arm Lantern with Glass Shades, circa 1890


Silvered 3 arm lantern in bronze with a decorative floral motif
2 internal lights and 3 external lamps each covered with shaped frosted glass shades
Beautiful condition.
Recently rewired to modern-day standards.
Can be rewired for US spec at no additional cost.

PERIOD: 1890-1900
CONDITION: Excellent
HEIGHT: 25 1/2 in. (90 cm)
DIAMETER: 17 in. (43 cm)

Single Exquisite French Louis XV Style Rock Crystal Chandeliers


A rock crystal large two-tier chandelier with outward triple curving arms tied in with a fine framework festooned with large rock crystal plaques with faceted borders. The rock crystal plaques are of good clarity.
The frame extends outwards as it rises then after the first row of 16 candle holders sweeps to a further row of 8 candles. The chandelier has a central column clad in rock crystal terminating at the top with sweeping plume with further rock crystal and 8 pygmy bulbs at the base. 32 lights in total
Originally a pair (shown) but now only one available. This rock crystal chandelier is of an exceptional standard fit for a high-quality residence.

PERIOD: 18th Century Style
CONDITION: Excellent
HEIGHT: 63 in. (160 cm)
DIAMETER: 41 1/4 in. (105 cm)